The Basics of Grooming a Healthy and Happy Dog

18 Jan

Besides good nutrition, proper grooming is the secret to a happy and healthy dog. Whether it's done in your vet's clinic, the spa or at home, both you and your pet can together enjoy the results of grooming. When done right and often, you even have another way of bonding with your beloved.

Below are helpful tips for grooming your dog with a lot of love and sense:


Brushing Coats

Brushing your dog's coat will get rid of the dirt, dead hair and bad odors from the hair and skin. Also, it makes the coat shinier and healthier as the natural oils are spread out. You have to follow this up with combing using a metal comb, so you can dig down into the skin's surface and find any matts that might be forming. Do press lightly, however, especially if your dog tends to be sensitive. Do check out emergency vet cleveland options as this can be very helpful in the future.

Daily Tooth Brushing 

It's ideal to brush your dog's teeth once a day, but even if you do it only twice or thrice a week, that already makes a big difference. But stick to dog toothpaste as human toothpaste can be harmful to them, especially because they can't spit. If you have a hard time brushing your dog's teeth, dental sprays and dental chew treats can come in handy. 

Nail Trimming

Like humans, dogs grow nails at different rates. Some need trimming every six weeks, while others need it twice a month. If this isn't exactly something you enjoy, just bring your dog to the vet or a dog spa.

Cleaning the Ears

All dogs need at least a monthly ear clean. But for dogs with bigger or longer ears, this may be needed more frequently. There are store-bought dog ear cleaning solutions but you can make your own using any of the recipes online. Do check out parma animal hospital for more info. 

Washing the Face

There are certain canine breeds whose faces have characteristic skin folds and wrinkles. Moisture can accumulate in these areas, leading to bacterial growth, dermatitis and potential infection.. That's why it's important for these areas to stay clean and dry. Even eye goop isn't so innocent - when they build up, they can harden and irritate the corner's of the dog's eyes. 

Regular Bathing

Finally, if your dog looks great but is usually not that great-smelling, maybe you should give it a bath on a regular basis. You will find a whole range of dry shampoos and doggie towelettes in stores today. Certain products even have moisturizers and conditioners that work to give your dog's coat an extra oomph.

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